Honda Motorcycle


Over the years, Honda has built numerous safety features and systems into our motorcycles. Among them are ABS Brakes, Combined Braking Systems, and the only airbag-equipped motorcycle in the industry, all of which have proven very effective in reducing accidents and injury.

  • It's a proven fact: Helmets significantly reduce the number and severity of head injuries. So always wear an approved motorcycle helmet and make sure your passenger does the same. We also recommend that you wear eye protection, sturdy boots, gloves and other protective gear.
  • Suit Up. Your life depends on it. Proper riding gear is of the upmost importance to your safety. Honda strongly recommends that you always wear proper gear when operating your Honda motorcycle.
  • Some drivers do not see motorcycles because they are not looking for them. To make yourself more visible, wear bright reflective clothing, position yourself so other drivers can see you, signal before turning or changing lanes, and use your horn when it will help others notice you.
  • Pushing the limits is another major cause of motorcycle accidents. Never ride beyond your personal abilities or faster than conditions warrant. Remember that alcohol, drugs, fatigue and inattention can significantly reduce your ability to make good judgments and ride safety.
  • For safe riding, it's important to inspect your motorcycle before every ride and keep your motorcycle well maintained as per the Honda recommended maintenance schedule. But it's just as important to observe the break-in guidelines, and perform all pre-ride and other periodic checks detailed in your owner's manual. We also recommend that you read your owner's manual before you ride. It's full of facts, instructions, safety information, and helpful tips.
  • Never exceed load limits, and only use accessories that have been approved by Honda for your motorcycle. Always conduct a Pre-ride inspection before operating your Honda motorcycle.
  • Click HERE for more Pre-ride information.
  • Having a breakdown can be difficult, especially if you are stranded off-road far from your base. To help avoid problems, inspect your motorcycle before every ride and perform all recommended maintenance. If you have basic mechanical skills, you can perform some of the maintenance tasks with the tools provided with your motorcycle. Other tasks that are more difficult and require special tools are best performed by professionals.
  • Attempting service or repairs without the proper training, tools, and equipment could cause injury to you or others. It could also damage the vehicle or create an unsafe condition. Any person, who intends to use a replacement part, service procedure or a tool that is not recommended by Honda, must determine the risks to their personal safety and the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • If you need to replace a part, use genuine Honda parts. We strongly recommend that you do not use replacement parts of inferior quality. Remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it.
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