Honda Motorcycle


Genuine Honda Accessories

Why choose genuine Honda accessories.

Customization is about making a statement. It's a personal declaration of freedom. Freedom to hit the road in a style that is all your own. Let genuine Honda accessories help you define that style. Whether you are fond of chrome or leather, like to be noticed or prefer understatement, the possibilities are endless. It's time to turn your imagination into reality.

We strongly recommend that you use only genuine Honda accessories that have been specifically designed and tested for your motorcycle. Because Honda cannot test all other accessories, you must be personally responsible for proper selection, installation, and use of non-Honda accessories, as they may void your warranty under certain conditions. Check with your Honda dealer for assistance.

Honda is synonymous with quality and performance. Whether you own a vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, or a product from our power equipment or marine line-ups, chances are you bought the Honda based on our reputation. Genuine Honda accessories are no different. In fact, they are the only accessories that have been approved by the engineers who originally designed your Honda. This ensures that not only will they look great but they'll fit right too. Chrome, leather, windshields… we've got what you're looking for. Let your imagination run wild.


Don’t be stranded by a dead battery.

In order to maintain the peak performance of your motorcycle’s battery it needs to have its charge maintained. The Honda Optimate 3+ battery charger is a complete at-home 12V battery charging system that tests, maintains, and optimizes your battery’s output while at the same time extending its life cycle. Let the Optimate 3+ maintain your motorcycle’s battery so you can just turn the key and ride! Visit your local Honda dealer for Honda’s Exclusive promotional offer on the Honda Optimate 3+.