Honda Motorcycle

2015 NM4

Sport & Standard

MSRP  $12,499
Model Year
  • 2015
Sport & Standard

Novice or an expert, at the track or on a winding road, nothing beats the agility and performance of these responsive machines.

High Wind Screen
$245.95 MSRP

The High Wind Screen is 4 cm. taller than stock with a stylish and functional upward slope to divert wind over the rider's head.

Passenger Backrest with Rear Carrier
$519.95 MSRP

Provides additional comfort and support for the passenger while enhancing style with a powder-coated flat black finish. Center Cowl required for installation.

Pro Honda Battery Charger by TECMATE
$56.57 MSRP

5 Stage program, automatic and safe. Two interchangeable connection sets, clamps and a weatherproof snap cord.

2015 NM4 Overview

Think of it as an exclamation mark on wheels! With its stealth fighter-styling, the NM4 won't be mistaken for anything else. The outrageous anime appearance represents the vision of a young, skunkworks design team from deep within Honda R&D, but the innovation didn't end with the styling. From the passenger seat that offers double duty as an adjustable rider backrest, to the reactive dash with 25 colours, to the angular headlight framed with a stylish LED definition line, the NM4 screams new thinking. Utilizing the long-stroke NC series' 745 cc engine which delivers strong, low-end torque through an advanced dual-clutch transmission with fully automatic mode to its fat 200 section rear tire, the NM4 backs up its extreme styling with a rewarding riding experience. And for those who want to raise eyebrows further, the NM4 offers creature comforts too, with well-placed floorboards and generous storage compartments in the fairing that include a power outlet to keep your personal electronics charged. The saddlebags integrate nicely into the NM4's unique lines, completing the long distance capability. So whether you're turning heads downtown Gotham or heading off to fight crime in a post-apocalyptic Metropolis, the NM4 will prove to be a trusty sidekick.

NM4 - don't be surprised if people ask, "What movie is that from?!"

Why Buy a Honda?

At Honda, we've built our reputation on superior design and innovation, powerful performance and legendary durability and dependability.
It's evident in every product we build.

The Honda Advantage

We never stop looking for ways to improve our Motorcycles and ATVs: to maximize power, sharpen handling, minimize weight and optimize fuel efficiency – all with you the rider in mind.

Our goal is to ensure the most rewarding and enjoyable riding experience possible

One of the most significant advantages is knowing that you can continue the joyful experience of owning a Honda product with our support over its lifetime.

Honda has an extensive Canada-wide dealership network. We choose our dealers with the same care we put into designing and building our quality products. Honda dealers are here to service and repair your unit as specified by the factory.

Our highly skilled dealers use only Honda Genuine Parts to maintain the original level of Honda quality, and Honda Genuine Accessories allow you to customize your unit to suit your needs.

Whether you own a Honda vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, outboard motor or power equipment product, remember that they are all supported by the same family that built them. Whenever you need us, we are here to ensure you can continue to enjoy any Honda product or service.

The Honda Motorcycle Advantage

At Honda, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. Innovation is the driving force behind every product we engineer. Take a moment to learn about the Honda Motorcycle advantage.

Why Buy a Honda Motorcycle?

Since the production and sales of its first mass-produced motorcycle, the Dream D, in 1949, Honda has offered products that enrich the lifestyles of customers around the world. Honda has now been producing motorcycles for more than 60 years and is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer

Honda Advantage Technologies

Here are just a few examples that showcase the best of Honda’s engineering expertise and imagination, making Honda Motorcycles the trusted choice of so many Canadian riders.

First Motorcycle Airbag

What company other than Honda would spend 15 years of Research & Development to create the industry’s first airbag? It’s this level of commitment to rider safety that sets Honda apart from other motorcycle manufacturers.

The airbag-equipped Gold Wing boasts the industry's first (and only) production motorcycle airbag system, which can help lessen the severity of injuries caused by frontal collisions. Four sensors mounted on the front fork detect changes in acceleration caused by a frontal impact, and send that data to an ECU computer. If the ECU determines that a serious collision is in progress, it instantly instructs the airbag to deploy from a panel in the dash area. The airbag is V-shaped and tethered to help secure the rider in position.See how the airbag works at:

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Honda offers Anti-lock Braking Systems as standard equipment on more of our motorcycle models than any other manufacturer – from our top-of-the-line touring bikes to our entry model bikes. Honda’s Combined Braking System with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) creates the optimal balance of front and rear braking forces and the control of an advanced ABS system that helps you stop with confidence on even wet or dirty road surfaces. Honda has also pioneered the Electronically Controlled Combined ABS – the world's first electronically controlled braking system for super sport bikes. The system is specially designed to electronically distribute front and rear braking forces to maximize braking in a light-weight, short-wheelbased package.

Learn more about the benefits of CBS and ABS at:"

Rider-Focused Design

Ask Honda riders why they love their bike. You might get quite a number of different responses, but many may simply say, “Things are just different on a Honda. It’s better.”

What makes it better? To start, it’s the focus on you, the rider. Honda engineers ask questions others might not. More detailed questions. Not simply, “how can we improve the brakes?” But, “how can a braking system compensate for a rider’s panic-driven reactions in an emergency without affecting normal braking feel?

Their concern is not simply how things look on a spec sheet, nor simply how they look in a photograph. Their concern is how things work. They strive to ensure all connections to the rider are smooth, seamless, predictable and linear, that all controls are right where you’d expect them, and that the bike always gets you home.

Honda’s focus is on your overall experience, or in Honda’s language, the joy of motorcycle ownership. In addition to riding dynamics, a high priority in our design process is to simplify maintenance and service items so you can minimize time in the shop and maximize time on the road.

Hondas do feel different than other bikes. They’re always more than the sum of their parts. Happy owners make for happy engineers, and happy engineers might just change the world. Don’t believe us? Learn about the Honda Cub: