Honda Motorcycle

Genuine Honda Oils and Chemicals

Why Use genuine Honda Oils and Chemicals?


  • Motorcycles are more demanding on oil than automobiles.


  • Unlike automobile oil, motorcycle oil must lubricate both the engine and transmission. The additional shearing action of the motorcycle gearbox and wet clutch may result in premature viscosity breakdown if proper motorcycle oil is not used.
  • Higher operating temperatures accelerate oil oxidation.
  • Higher redlines place greater stress on engine components.


  • Many popular motor oils claim to be engineered for today's hi-revving 4-cylinder engines. However these oils are engineered for automobiles, and do not contain the special additive package designed for a motorcycle engine.


  • Pro Honda GN4 motorcycle oil is a unique blend of costly shear stable polymer additives with top quality base stocks, engineered by Honda R & D to resist viscosity and thermal breakdown in motorcycle applications. Pro Honda GN4 exceeds all requirements for all Honda motorcycle, ATV, and scooter warranty standards, and all owners' manual recommendations.
  • Pro Honda GN4 is approved for use as engine oil in all Honda 4-stroke motorcycles, ATV's and scooters, and as a gearbox/transmission lubricant for all Honda 2-stroke motorcycles, ATV's and scooters.

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Designed by Honda for Honda
  • JASO Approved
  • Premium Base Oil
  • Superior Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent High Temperature Performance
  • Superior Detergency

Only Pro Honda offers oils and chemicals designed to the same exacting standards as your Honda motorcycle.

Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals are developed through the most severe test of performance and durability - professional racing. From the high banks of Daytona to the punishing Baja desert, Team Honda's racing motorcycles put out products to the test at every event. Unlike some oils and chemicals which are based on automotive products, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals are motorcycle-specific products designed to meet the unique demands of motorcycle riders and racers.

Compared to automobile, motorcycle engines produce more power per displacement, run at higher rpm, and have both smaller capacity oil volumes and cooling systems. Plus, motorcycles use their oil to lubricate their transmissions and clutches. Automotive oils lack the ability to withstand the shear forces created by the transmission's gear teeth, which literally tear oil molecules apart. Also, their anti-friction additives can cause a motorcycle's clutch to slip. Pro Honda's latest HP4, though, is formulated specifically for motorcycles to offer the ultimate performance.

Everything Pro Honda offers - from 2-stroke oil, suspension fluids, brake fluid, foam filter oil, chain lube and other vital fluids - is formulated to be the best.

Honda builds its motorcycles to the toughest engineering standards in the world. Pro Honda formulates its oils and chemicals to those same high standards, to keep your Honda running at its maximum performance. They're the best motorcycle-specific products you can buy. And they are available exclusively at your Honda dealer.